Carpets — a final touch in a well-considered interior

In addition to the fact that carpets give softness to the room and diminish echo, they are also an excellent opportunity to bind together the rest of the interior.

In Smartex Disain drapery studio you have a unique opportunity to design for yourself (or have our designers to create) a natural hand tufted woollen and flax carpets. Choose the design, dimensions, shape, colours, cohesion, ratio and length of fibres at your discretion. Natural carpets are a practical choice because the friction of their fibres does not create static electricity and thus do not attract dust and hair.

Additionally, we also offer elegant ready-made carpets from England, Germany and Sweden. Again, the selection of materials is all natural — different types of wool, including felted wool, viscose, flax, jute and sisal.

We also offer vinyl mud rugs which can be cleaned easily and which are with elegant colours (dimensions 46 cm x 71 cm; 61 cm x 91 cm; 91 cm x 152 cm; 53 cm x 73 cm). Rugs can be used both indoors (e.g., bathroom and hall) as well as outdoors (e.g., in front of the exterior door). Mud rugs do not develop moist, mould or fungi. They can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, beating them outside and washing with a shower or hose. The same manufacturer also offers vinyl carpets that can be placed in front of kitchen worktops or under dining tables. Such carpets are intended protecting parquet in places with heavy everyday traffic. The carpets are available with specific dimensions but custom size carpets can also be ordered.

As new products, we also offer carpets from young Danish designers from a company called Linie Design. Cool patters and curious desings from both natural and synthetic fibres. The special gem of the collection are furry carpets that are sewn together from pieces of animal skin.