Smartex Disain curtains — we make your wishes and our ideas into a one comprehensible solution

In Smartex Disain drapery studio, our designers will help you to choose fabrics and offer you solutions. We always suggest customers to take along some photos of their dwelling when they come to our studio, this way we can get a better overview of their home. Together we can select curtains which you like and which would suit into your home. The main principle we follow is that no matter how small or large your home is, it must form a unified whole. However, this does not mean that you should use the same fabric or same type of curtains in every room. By combining different materials and ideas, we make your wishes and our ideas into a well-considered and comprehensive project.

We offer our customers a high quality sewing service. We design and manufacture the following textile products:

We respect high quality work and therefore we consider the quality of seams especially important. In a creative atmosphere, one often feels like taking risks on the sewing part as well and try something new and interesting. This is why we have produced fabric lamps, wall covers and even tables in cooperation with different young architects.

As a special service, we also offer design tapes which are excellent to cover the windows of washing rooms and saunas. Some examples of our works can be seen here: