Smartex Disain fabrics

Smartex Disain drapery studio represents a large number of leading and acknowledged European textile manufacturers whose collections include both upholstery as well as curtain fabrics. Additionally, we offer textiles that have been processed with different technologies, such as laser cut, fireproof, sound dampening and water resistant fabrics, fabrics that reflect heat and light. Our product range also includes linen fabrics, raw silk, velvet and velour.

We order fabrics from Sweden, France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England and Poland. Therefore we can offer a wide selection of products to meet the needs of different customers. We offer contemporary and classical textiles that are thin, thick, monochrome, structured, with large and small patters, narrow (140-150 cm) and double wide (280-320 cm). The prices of fabrics also vary greatly. We follow the principle that by combining the collections of different manufacturers, a beautiful, characteristic and affordable solution can be achieved. Fabric delivery times remain between one and two weeks.

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