OSBORNE & LITTLE – glamorous English design

English design from Osborne & Little in cooperation with interior decorator Nina Campbell and Paris design studio Lorca

Osborne & Little is a world leading name in the world of fabrics and wallpapers. Known for its high quality and innovativeness, Osborne & Little has grown to be one of the largest English brands which is known and recognized all over the world.

The company was established in London in the swinging 1960s by Peter Osborne and his brother-in-law Antony Little. Their very first award-winning collection of exciting hand printed wallpaper broadened design horizons and brought instant success. For over four decades Osborne & Little’s designs, across printed fabrics and weaves as well as wallpaper, have been at the heart of interior trends — from the paint effects of the 1980s to the holographic wallpapers launched in 2010.

Osborne & Little is, in addition, proud to be the distributor of two distinguished brands — the collections of internationally celebrated interior designer Nina Campbell and of the elegant Parisian design studio, Lorca.

Nina Campbell established her company in 1974 as both an interior design practice and a shop which was selling home treasures from all over the world. Today Nina Campbell, a world-renowned interior designer is known for her stylish interiors, as well as for her collections of fabrics, wallpapers and accessories. Nina’s fabric and wallpaper designs are luxurious, practical and with a sense of wit. Integral to the Nina Campbell collections is a colour palette that has been developed by herself and one that is constantly evolving and which she uses in all her new designs. In this way it is simple to combine both old and new collections which start working beautifully together due to the similar colour palette. 2010 marked twenty-one years of collaboration between Osborne & Little and Nina Campbell.

The Parisian studio, Lorca, is renowned for its elegant, luxurious, aesthetic, and wonderful colour palette. Lorca offers a wonderful variety of fabrics: embroidered silks, grand-scale prints and jacquards, opulent velvets and a wide choice of glamorous upholstery fabrics. Many designs of Lorca draw inspiration from nature and the rich heritage of textiles of Asia and the Far East. The name Lorca has become synonymous with beautiful embroideries — featuring exotic flowers depicted in exquisite detail and with innovative techniques. The collections are distinguished by a distinctive colour combinations which are harmonious and beautiful.

Today Osborne & Little is as inspired and energetic as ever, creating a constant stream of new collections that push forward boundaries in the design world and maintain a hard won reputation for excellence.

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