Smartex Disain wallpapers

With wallpapers we value the “better less but impressive” principle. The collection of French design tapestry manufacturer Elitis includes washable paper wallpapers with new approach and technology. Throughout the years, the products of Elitis can be described by simplicity, impressiveness,  timelessness and exciting 3D effect. Differently from the usual wallpaper width (52-54 cm), the wallpapers of Elitis are either 70 cm or 100 cm wide, more impressive wallcoverings are also available with the widths of 125 cm and 140 cm.

Typical English style tapestry from companies Designers Guild, Osborne & Little and Prestigious form separate selection of wallpapers.

Since autumn 2013, our product range also includes products from English company The Little Greene. Little Greene has revived the old and forgotten historical English wallpapers by giving them new life through fresh tones and materials. The originals of their hangings are from years 1690-1775, 1810-1898 and 1900-1955. Besides wallpapers, Little Greene also offers pastel paints which can be used for painting external or internal walls as well as furniture. Ask more information from

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